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The job of a Notary Public includes checking identity, legal capacity, the understanding of documents to be used abroad and ensuring appropriate signing/witnessing formalities.

Notaries in England are independent of the solicitors profession and do work which involves preparing and authenticating legal documents which create or affect rights, duties and obligations outside the United Kingdom.

Overseas and especially in Europe and Asia, Governments, legal systems, trading organisations and private individuals are accustomed to relying on documents such as Notarial Certificates, UK documents authenticated by a Notary and documents prepared abroad which need to be signed in the United Kingdom. This helps to get things done abroad by assisting with legal certainty and the prevention of fraud in legal transactions abroad.

The sort of documents a Notary Public assists with include: Power of Attorney for use in property transactions and litigation, verifying identity and qualification documents, witnessing commercial agreements and agreements between individuals.

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