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What is the difference between a Solicitor and a Notary Public?

For a start there are over 130,000 Solicitors but less than 1,000 Notary Publics. Most Notary Publics are also solicitors.

The Notary Public profession has its own rules and regulations which are similar to the other legal professions.

What do Notaries do that Solicitors don’t?

Notaries are mainly involved in documents for use abroad. Some Notaries (not me!) also do conveyancing and probate work.

How do you become a Notary Public?

A University Degree is needed. Then a Diploma in Notarial Practice is needed. This involves mainly distance studying which I studied when the course was run by the University of Cambridge and it is now offered by UCL. After the Diploma is obtained the Archbishop of Canterbury appoints Notaries. After that supervision is needed from an experienced Notary and lasting for the first 2 years after qualification.

Why are there so few Notaries compared to Solicitors?

Good question. It is probably because of the need to find time to study, pass the Diploma examinations, pay the substantial tuition and examination fees and after appointment as a Notary Public you have Professional Indemnity and Fidelity Insurance, Practising Certificate, compulsory training and other expenses.

More about what Notaries do

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